The suggestions are in and…

 …I didn’t take any of them. But thanks anyway!

 The answer to “what to  name my third-grader” came to me last night as I was sitting in a freezing cold ballpark watching my son dodge wild pitches. The Little Leaguer – a perfect description for the business that sometimes amazes you with spectacular plays and other times – oops, drops that pop fly. Plus the opportunity for sports analogies is endless. (I’ll try to restrain myself.)

 So here’s the complete list. I’ll elaborate in future posts on the different stages and their associated joys and sorrows.

  1.  The Squalling Infant is a new business that demands your constant attention.
  2. The Unruly Toddler is incredibly fun but also in constant danger.
  3. The Little Leaguer is learning and growing by leaps and bounds but still meets the occasional set-back.
  4. The Surly Teen is pushing the boundaries and in many ways, outgrowing you.
  5. The Mature Adult is a business that’s running without your constant attention.

 Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I will be basking in the warmth of my family’s attentions and gathering new material.

2 thoughts on “The suggestions are in and…

  1. Sarah – great names for your stages of parenting and businesses! I especially like “Little Leaguer”


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