Did it feel like a weekend to you?

“Was I really looking forward to the long weekend? And if so, what was I thinking?” These were the questions I pondered on Sunday afternoon as I stood knee-deep in the detritus we’d just removed from my son’s closet.  Not unusual. Weekends for me typically mean a few extra meals to prepare, crammed in between 12 loads of laundry and (with any luck) a nap. Like it or not, at my house the chores must go on – holiday weekend or no.

I see this syndrome in a lot of the small businesses I work with. Small business owners are never really “gone” especially in this age of hyper-connectivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on a beach in Bermuda– you can still get a text asking you where the spare toner cartridges are.

I recently read that only 46% of small business owners plan to take a vacation this year. That means the other sorry 54% of us will slog through the summer keeping things running while everyone else gets a break.

But providing yourself with an opportunity to recharge is important. I was reminded of this at a recent business retreat sponsored by Rebecca Metz of Modern Inconveniences. It’s remarkable how much you can get done without the distractions of the phone, staff and meetings. Pure, solid time to strategize, catch up or just think about the future. What a luxury! I came back with great ideas and great momentum. And I find I always do.

Minds need space and bodies need rest. Take a vacation. Or at the bare minimum, a nap!