How selling is like baseball

It’s been hard for me to write because these days it seems I am spending every waking moment at the baseball diamond. But since I’m in a sporting mood I thought I’d draw a parallel between selling and baseball. I know you’re waiting breathlessly – let me tell you a little story.

A year ago, my 8-year-old took a tipped ball right in the face in the batting cage. That ball was going something approaching 40 miles an hour when it hit him. The result – one heck of a hit and one heck of a black eye.

He had a game the next day and no one expected him to show. I certainly didn’t expect him to get up to bat less than 24 hours after his injury. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that if he didn’t get up to bat in that game it was only going to be harder the next time. And even harder the time after that.

The kid’s pretty reasonable. That made sense to him. So to everyone’s surprise he did bat that night and he hit a double and drove in a run for his team.

OK, so how is this like sales? Ever been rejected by a potential client? Doesn’t it feel a little like getting hit in the face by an object going about 40 miles an hour? Your instincts do not tell you to get back in there and bat. They tell you to avoid a similar scenario at all costs. But I guarantee if you let a sales setback affect you it will only get harder the next time you have to get up to bat. And even harder the time after that.

You’re best bet? Step back in the batting box and try again. How else are you going to hit that double?

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2 thoughts on “How selling is like baseball

  1. Really good analogy. Having been a baseball coach in years past that is exactly what I taught and what I coach business owners to do. Thanks for the story


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