Does size matter? Sometimes…

Most of us approach our first parent/teacher conference with some trepidation. I did. Among other things, I was worried how my kindergartner, who was quite physically small, was faring with her classmates. I was completely unprepared for the teacher’s first words: “You have a powerful child,” she said.

Powerful? My daughter? My barely five-year-old, 30-pounds-soaking-wet daughter? But as the teacher went on to explain I began to understand. Small size – and young age – don’t necessarily determine the impact you have. You don’t have to be big nor do you have to be established to make a difference in the world.

Small businesses impact many lives in powerful ways, including their customers, employees and family members. As consumers, we can have a powerful impact, too. Small Business Saturday is tomorrow. I plan to open my wallet to help the small businesses in my community. Think about the impact we could have on the lives around us if we each spent a few bucks with our favorite small businesses!