Really, another trip to the emergency room?

My youngest child had been to the emergency room for stitches three times before he hit kindergarten. And strangely, he’s my most cautious kid! It just goes to show you that the Unruly Toddler is surrounded by potential danger – even when it might seem like it’s safe.

Not so different at work! To safeguard your business during these risky years, make sure you baby-proof. Put the necessary security devices into place even if it doesn’t seem like you need them. I mean really, whoever thought they’d need a toilet lock? It’s only after you fish the pencil out of the pipes that you understand its many uses.

To baby-proof your business:

  • Put a line of credit into place, even if you don’t need it today
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance and shop it every year
  • Have your legal documents reviewed by a competent business attorney
  • Institute formal personnel policies and documents, including evaluation procedures, from the time of your first hire

And perhaps most important – pay your taxes in full and on time! May seem obvious but I’ve seen many businesses derailed by struggles with the IRS.

Safety may not be foremost on your mind when you’re chasing your business around every day but it can’t be overlooked. After all, no one wants to spend the night in the ER!

What have you done to baby-proof your business? Send your thoughts to – if I use them, I’ll feature your business.