Coping with the Terrible Two’s

This is a challenging time for a parent and for a business owner. Just as you start to gain some momentum your business starts to test your patience at every turn. Disaster seems to wait around every corner. Your days are filled with problems and frustrations you didn’t foresee. You don’t have the energy to deal with the constant change and commotion.

Some points to remember about your business as you navigate this frustrating stage:

  •  You can’t reason with it. What makes sense in theory might not make sense in practice. Sometimes your business will defy all logic! Life will be a lot easier if you can exercise a little flexibility and see where things go.
  • You end up chasing it around a good deal of the time. Sometimes opportunities arise that you don’t expect – and haven’t planned for. Be open to possibilities and willing to channel your energy in a direction you didn’t anticipate.
  • No one will love it like you do. Let’s face it, toddlers are hard. If you are adding employees at this point, do not expect them to love your business despite its many quirks and mercurial behavior. And don’t sugar-coat the challenges ahead. It will be disappointing for both of you.

But the Terrible Two’s hold good things, too – your business is likely finding its voice. It’s growing and changing in new and exciting ways. And if you take the time to look you may even see a glimpse of what it can become.

So hang in there. Get the help you need and persevere. Three is just around the corner.

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