What baggage are you hauling?

The other day after a hurried trip to the grocery store I attempted to put the bags in the back of my vehicle only to discover it was full of stuff. Here is what I was hauling around:

  • One large lacrosse bag with full set of gear
  • One lacrosse stick
  • Two ski bags complete with helmets, goggles and assorted ski wear
  • One set adult-sized skis
  • One yoga mat that was recently replaced by a new one
  • Three sets of wireless headphones
  • One large box of kleenex
  • One extra booster seat

Two notable points: 1) I didn’t need any of this stuff. 2) Almost none of it was mine.

Baggage slows us down and interrupts our workflow, sometimes to great effect. As you enter the business week, think to yourself – are you hauling any unnecessary baggage? Some examples (and why you might be hauling it):

  • The employee who isn’t in the right job and impacts your company’s productivity – because you hate confrontation and it’s not fun to hurt someone’s feelings
  • The business debt that never seems to go away – because there is always something else to spend your cash on
  • The customer account that is n0 longer profitable for your business – because they’ve been around a long time and you feel badly that you can no longer serve them effectively
  • The vendor who is probably overcharging you – because it’s easy to keep the relationship going and you haven’t taken the time to review your options
  • The outdated technology that slows you down – because the thought of learning new technology gives you a knot in the middle of your stomach

I could go on an on. All these issues can be fixed  but you must invest time, energy and probably money to do so.

The true problem with baggage is that it keeps you from doing the things you really need to do to move forward. My trunk is empty today. Is yours?

What unnecessary baggage are you hauling? Send your comments to sarah@dayonebusinessservices.com. If I use it, I’ll feature your business.

2 thoughts on “What baggage are you hauling?

  1. I guess I better check my trunk. I know there’s a couple things lingering in there for a goodwill drop off…… thanks for the reminder My load is lighter already!


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