Don’t ignore your business “growing pains”

Two of my kids are suffering from growing pains right now, those strange spasms and generalized aches that characterize a rapid growth spurt. While both of them welcome the idea of growing taller they aren’t exactly enamored of the pain it’s taking to get there.

If you’re running a growing business you are surely feeling some of those pains. You may feel short of staff or cash. Your systems may not be keeping pace with the work flowing through your business. Or maybe there’s just a generalized ache that’s telling you all is not well. Often, the growing businesses I meet know that there are things they should be addressing but they aren’t sure how to address them – or what to do first.

While it’s natural to welcome growth, growth that’s badly managed can be a disaster – I’ve seen it take businesses to the ground. A growing business that requires an uptick in cash flow may find the cash comes too little and too late. A business reluctant to add staff may find their customer service suffers to a point that key customers are vulnerable to competitors. Pay attention to the pain and don’t let it get too severe before you take some action. And if you can’t pinpoint what’s causing the pain, consult a “physician”!

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