What, exactly, is the confession stand?

The snack bar at the ballpark is a huge draw. For my kids (and all others, it seems)  the quest for junk food is so all-consuming that they’ll go to great lengths to visit it. One of my kids was so sneaky that I actually had to frisk him before games and remove the quarters he stashed in his jacket, pants and shoes.

But my affection for the snack bar grew one day when I realized that my kids, out of confusion, were calling it the “confession stand”. The image that brought to my mind was just too good to ignore. I’ve called it the confession stand ever since.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could visit the business confession stand? If you could confess your greatest insecurities and missteps and be absolved? Or seek advice for a problem you cannot solve on your own?

You can. There are many coaches and advisors out there who can help. But you have to be willing to take some risk – and to be completely honest not only with your coach, but with yourself.

As a business advisor, I try to practice what I preach and have worked with business and personal coaches over the years. My current coach, Laurie Phillips, never fails to give me insight into something that I cannot see myself. Coaching is a great alternative, at least until someone can come up with an actual confession stand.

As for the snack bar, I try to choose my battles. For now, I’ll look the other way when my kids make that occasional visit. And I’ll continue to be annoyed that despite all my efforts to serve them wholesome, organic, home-cooked food they still feel the need for a little sugar.

Have a business confession? Send it to sarah@dayonebusinessservices.com – if I use it I’ll feature your business.

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