Why birthdays matter

Few things hold as much anticipation for a child as a birthday. There’s something really special for a child about being the center of attention for one day a year. And the gifts are a big draw, too.

I, however, don’t usually approach birthdays with the same excitement and joy. Let’s face it, any milestone birthday I’m going to celebrate at this point is going to have an uncomfortably large number associated with it.

But this is one birthday I can feel good about. Parent Your Business is celebrating its one year “birthday” and I am honored and appreciative of my readers who have helped me meet my goal of 1000 views of my blog in its first year.

When you’re in business birthdays do matter. You’ve heard the ugly statistics – only 70% of new businesses will survive two years and only half will make it to five. If you are a business who has celebrated a five-year or ten-year birthday, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve accomplished what less than half your peers could accomplish.

A sincere thanks to all of you who have helped me reach this milestone.

With my best regards,

Sarah Day