Dealing with the dog days

The dog days of summer arrived early this year in Minnesota, thanks to the relentless heat. The last couple of weeks have been challenging on all fronts.  A combination of hot weather, boredom, a nasty summer virus, and a LOT of togetherness has taken a toll on my family. Even the cats are sick. 

When you find yourself in circumstances like these, it’s hard to feel anything but fatigued, stressed and uninspired which doesn’t leave a lot of energy to work on the business. When stress hits you hard, here’s some strategies that can help you cope.

  • Take a time-out. Sometimes the best way to find the energy to deal with the business-at-hand is to get away from it for a while. It gives your mind a rest and can help you gain a new perspective.
  • Talk to someone about it. Keeping stress bottled up is unhealthy for our bodies, our families and our businesses. Talk to a friend, family member, or trusted advisor about what you’re experiencing. You might get more than a kind ear – sometimes you’ll walk away with some practical advice you can use to address your issues.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stress has a way of magnifying small issues to an almost unreal magnitude. Take a deep breath and really think about the size of the problem. Things are rarely as dire as they seem in the moment.
  • Focus on the positive. Take a few minutes to assess what’s going right – it can be enormously reassuring.
  • Take care of your physical self. Eat good food, sleep, and get some exercise, even if it’s just a walk around the block or swim at the beach with the kids.

Surely these summer dog days will pass. Who knows, by winter I may even remember them fondly!

How do you cope with stress in your business and your family? Send your strategies to – if I us them, I’ll feature your business.

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  1. Yes, close your eyes, imagine scraping that horrible ice off of your wind shield- hearing the chilling crunch of snow beneath your feet-not being able to feel your nose…….dog days are truly wonderful!


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