The allure of roadside distractions…er, attractions

My husband has pledged to visit all of the Top 50 Roadside Attractions in our travels. While I have no real disagreement with this plan, it is my opinion that these attractions vary quite significantly in quality and overall interest. Big “yes” to London Bridge in Arizona. Big “not so sure” to the Gorilla Holding a VW Bug in Vermont.

And the other thing: I have noticed that it takes much longer to get where we’re going if we stop at every “point of interest” along the way.

You often see this in businesses in their early years, especially at the Unruly Toddler stage. The business is established enough to have some momentum but not so disciplined as to ignore those shiny objects on the horizon. Let me assure you – sometimes the world’s largest cow head looks better from the road!

If you are considering a new initiative and suspect  you might be on a trip to nowhere, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this detour take me where I want to go?
  • Does it fit into my long-term objectives?
  • Will it bring me value?
  • Does it solve a problem for me or my customers?
  • Am I a credible source for this product or service?
  • Will it make me money?
  • How much of my time, energy and money will it consume?
  • Is it really as cool as it seems? What are its not-so-pretty features?

The point is to make sure you will still reach your overall destination if you take the time to pull off the road.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen in your travels? Or the least cool? Send it – if I use it I’ll feature your business.

2 thoughts on “The allure of roadside distractions…er, attractions

  1. Sarah – I must tell you, I love this format. Using parenting as a point of comparison to running a busines – brilliant! The illustrations are so apt and so easy to connect with. I’ve found it very helpful, even for my business, which is no longer a toddler. I truly enjoy the way you make me think in different ways. Thanks!


    1. Dianne, thank you for your nice comment. As a marketer you know everyone hears messages in different ways…this is my attempt to communicate important messages in a fun, accessible way.


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