Why I hate Mondays (it’s not why you think)

Like most families, we spend our weekends in a dead run. This last weekend included: two football parties, one monster vacuuming session, one trip to exchange a pair of kids’ shoes, three trips for groceries, three birthday celebrations (one with a gaggle of teenaged girls), several workouts, one backyard rugby game, one association meeting, and a two-day debate tournament. Oh, and about eight loads of laundry.

I don’t mind the busy-ness. What I do mind is the Monday morning mess left in the wake of my family as they head off to school and work. The dirty clothes (is laundry ever done?), the dishes, the general clutter. I feel like I start every week behind and by the time I catch up, it’s the weekend again!

I used to get the same sinking feeling when I worked my last corporate job. My boss was in California, several thousand miles and two time zones west, and no matter how buttoned up I had everything on Friday and no matter how late I stayed there was always activity after I left. It was impossible to start the next week anything but behind.

So tell me, how do you prevent that Monday morning pothole in the road? Clearly, I don’t have this one down. Post your comments or send your insights to sarah@dayonebusinessservices – if I use them, I’ll feature your business.

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