Two more tips – and one addresses my pet peeve!

Many thanks to readers who responded to my last post – Three clutter-busting tips from an unprofessional organizer – with their own suggestions. My favorite tip came from reader Kelli Quinn, the owner of QuinnEssential Massage Therapy & Holistic Wellness in Millville, NJ.

Anyone who knows me knows that I despise the endless loads of laundry I am forced to wash as the head of a busy family. But I must confess, it hadn’t really occurred to me that many of you are running businesses that generate laundry. Oh, cruel reality! Kelli writes:

Between washing my own sheets, my massage linens, my clothes, towels, and even my boyfriend’s laundry, I’ve found that if I can JUST get my laundry picked up (that gradually gets strewn over various surfaces throughout the week, none of which are their actual home) I feel lighter because I know where everything is. If I begin with laundry organization, I am much more likely to tackle the next project because I can see “what’s left” — and I’m always surprised that it’s not as much as I initially anticipated.

So thanks, Kelli! You win the prize of granting me undying relief that my business generates little, if any, laundry.

Another tip came from Liz Truesdale, an attorney in Appleton, WI:

If I ever get in a time pinch, I remember the sage advice one of my bosses’ secretaries gave me nearly 20 years ago: If your bathrooms are clean, people will assume the rest of your house is clean. That translates to a lot of situations!

So take that tip into your holidays.

Keep the tips coming! Send them to – if I use them, I’ll feature your business.

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