How is a snow shovel like a warm lead?

In Minnesota where we live, it’s a sure bet that when winter arrives we will get snow, sometimes (like today, for example) lots and lots of snow. And yet every year when that beautiful white stuff starts to fall we meet with the same problem…

All the snow shovels are under the snow. Those darn kids have taken the shovels out for some mysterious and suspect reason and failed to return them to the garage. And we’re not thinking about locating the snow shovels when there is no snow to shovel.

How does this relate to generating leads for your business?

Your warmest leads are always going to be those who reached out to you the most recently and the time to follow up with them is immediately after they contact you. Even if you’re really busy!

Too often, we only follow up with prospects when we wake up one day and realize the landscape has changed.  Off we go like rescue workers after an avalanche trying to track those prospects down before they are lost forever. Sometimes we’ll be successful at digging up additional business but often the leads are too cold to survive.

Keeping the sales pipeline full is a year-round endeavor. Digging up business out of no where is a little like clearing the driveway with a teaspoon – possible, but it’s a whole lot easier if you have a shovel.

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