One sad-looking inventory – a late-winter’s lament

Well, it snowed again. I certainly hope winter has gasped its last because we have been reduced to the most pathetic collection of winter outerwear I have ever seen. Winter was long and hard, and my boys’ poor cold-weather garments have paid the price:

  • Gloves: Only one glove is present and intact. 4 are ripped to shreds, 3 are missing, and there is one here I don’t recognize. (Anyone missing a glove?)
  • Down vests: 1 here, 1 missing – no one seems to know how or when it disappeared.
  • Jackets: 2, both with broken zippers.
  • Hats: 2 lost, 4 that no one is willing to wear, and 1 with a hole in the top.
  • Snow pants: 2, both ragged around the edges and worn in the knees.
  • Boots: Wow, look at that – 2 good pairs. Too bad they won’t fit next year.

If you are building a mental image in your head right now you probably see two boys, one nine, one ten, in gaping coats. One is hatless; the other’s hair protrudes through the top of his hat. Their gloves and snow pants are ragged. There is 6″ of new snow on the ground. They look like twin versions of Oliver Twist. Yeah, that sounds about right.

(At least my daughter’s winter-wear is still in perfect condition, but that’s only because it has been stuffed in her locker, unworn, since November. It’ll be a bummer to cart all that stuff home on an 85 degree bus a month from now.)

I’m too exhausted by the weather (and the shoveling) to go through the principles of good inventory management – I’ll save it for my next post. But for now, take a good look at what you’ve got. Does it still “fit”? Is it in reasonable condition or is it looking a little worn? Would anyone else want it? Are there any gaping holes?

It’s too late this year to save our winter wardrobes. Until spring arrives for good, I’ll continue to stop by school to rifle through the lost-and-found in the vain hope I’ll find something I recognize. But I won’t fret too much. In no time at all it will be summer and that means one thing – “back-to-school” sales. I guess I can pick up a few things then.

Want to gripe about your winter (or gloat over your spring)? This is the place!