Cleaning tips from a lazy, work-at-home housekeeper

If you frequently work at home, like I do, fall weather brings with it a type of claustrophobia. It’s nearly time to close everything up to keep out the winter gales, but after a summer of kids in and out of the house it’s grubby and cluttered. In my precious spare moments, I’m trying to get my house in order. Here are some of my shortcuts for tidying up – maybe you can use one or two:

  • When you’re cleaning the kitchen, fill the sink with warm water and the cleaner of your choice. Use it to wipe down the various surfaces around your kitchen. When you let the water out the sink will be clean.
  • Dust from the top of a room down. Start with the cobwebs in the corners and work your way down to the furniture and the baseboards. Then vacuum up whatever has settled on the floor.
  • Dust the lightbulbs in your fixtures. You won’t believe how much this lightens up a room.
  • Set the table while you’re emptying the dishwasher to save yourself a step, even if it’s early in the day.
  • If you have time for only one chore, vacuum. I don’t know why, but that’s what seems to “pick up” a room the fastest.
  • Fold laundry as it comes out of the dryer. Fold items in order according to their owner or storage location – the clothes that belong in the farthest location at the bottom of the basket, and those in the closest location at the top. Put them away as you walk to that farthest location. (And if your house is like mine, you can fill the basket up with dirty clothes on the way back.)
  • Take out a garbage bag. Walk around and fill it with either: 1)  items you can throw out; 2) items you can donate. Do this once a week until things are noticeably better.

And the best tip of all – if you can spare the money, outsource the cleaning – or at least get someone else to clean the carpets and windows. It’ll cast a whole new light on your work.

Any tips to add? I’d love to hear them – it’s still pretty dusty around here.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning tips from a lazy, work-at-home housekeeper

  1. Great tips. I especially like the dusting from top to bottom one- it makes life so much easier. I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate each weekend to cleaning out a new room of the house until everything is organized and clean. Hopefully it works!


    1. Sounds like a great goal – let me know if this works. I go back and forth between this idea and the idea of doing the same cleaning across rooms – windows, baseboards, or whatever.


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