Am I doing this right? Or, a little doubt might be fine

In yoga class the other day, my teacher posed this question: “Are you asking yourself right now, ‘Am I doing this right?'” The thought that instantly came to my mind was, “I am forever asking myself this question.”

As are we all. When did you last ask yourself:

  • Do these pants make me look fat?
  • Did I turn off the coffee maker?
  • Did I handle that conversation well?
  • Did I hire the right person?
  • Should I go ahead with this?
  • Should I have let my kid go to that sleepover?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • Did he really say what I thought he said?
  • Why did I eat that when I wasn’t even hungry?

Doubt is with us all day long. I’m not writing to tell you to get over it. Au contraire – I think a little doubt is a healthy thing. While it can be paralyzing and terrifying, it can also stop you from blazing your way down a trail that is clearly the wrong one.

When you have doubts:

  • Ask someone you trust. You may not even need an answer. Sometimes just talking about your decision can help you see if you’re on the right track.
  • Tap someone else’s experience. We’re not pioneers – perhaps there’s no need to blaze a trail, but many of us muddle through rather than seeking someone else’s expertise.
  • Do the old pro-con thing. I know it’s trite, but a list of pros and cons sometimes provides a remarkable visual of which way you should go.
  • Double-check outcomes. Do you get the results you want? If not, it’s a pretty good sign that you need to change something.

Don’t smother your doubt – embrace it. Consider it a warning sign on the trail. Even if danger isn’t imminent, it’s smart to be alert.

What questions are you asking yourself today? Post your comments or send them to – if I use them I’ll feature your business.

4 thoughts on “Am I doing this right? Or, a little doubt might be fine

  1. You should change your description from “When she’s not parenting her three kids, …” to ” When she’s not parenting her four boys (three kids and one husband),…” 😉


  2. Love this … Doubt can exist in so many areas of life … I like your four point ‘checklist’ provided ! Gonna use it !


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