Because I have time today – embarrassing admittances

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling the urge to disclose some things I’m sort of embarrassed about. Perhaps it’s a step on my path to self-awareness. Or maybe it’s just Monday. Anyway, here goes. Feel free to  share your own and purge your shame.

  • I have not cleaned out the cabinets in our master bath since it was remodeled 9 years ago.
  • Though I pride myself on my professionalism, I once said about a colleague, “Don’t worry, I’ll find some way to get him to stop bugging us,” not realizing he was standing in my doorway.
  • I eat my breakfast (and sometimes lunch) off whatever plate happens to have been left in the kitchen so I don’t have to wash two.
  • Some of the pajamas I wear are older than my high-school age daughter.
  • I have been hit by bird poop in public three times, and two of those times I was at a work event.
  • I once entered a high school class late because I had been off registering for college courses, something I was really proud of, only to discover that my zipper was wide open as I sauntered in.
  • When tasked with turning around a really crappy line of business, I had to present a profit improvement chart to our CEO in front of my colleagues where the trend line never hit break-even.
  • I wash out and reuse Ziploc bags – but only the storage type bags, not the sandwich bags (typically).
  • My bank once lost a sizeable check and I had to ask a brand new client to reissue it.
  • One day, in front of a room of 300 students, a college professor absent-mindedly patted me on top of the head.
  • Even though I make my living as a business writer, I had to double-check that I was spelling embarrassing right.

I’m sure I could think of more but I’m not feeling that self-aware. Hope you enjoyed a laugh at my expense. And in case you haven’t already guessed it, I’m going to clean out those bathroom cabinets this morning.

11 thoughts on “Because I have time today – embarrassing admittances

  1. Hope those cabinets are now clean!

    Some of those things are not things to be ashamed of. In fact, people should be proud of not throwing out perfectly good pj’s just because they’re not new anymore, ditto the plastic sandwich bags!

    And you can only do so much about things which aren’t your fault. The bathroom cabinets is definitely a good one to target. (I rely on frequent relocations to keep me up to date with that one.)


    1. Well, they’re half clean which is better than I started out. I can see how relocating would force the discipline so many of us otherwise lack! Thanks for reading.

      P.S. In the spirit of full disclosure, I doubt anyone could objectively call them perfectly good pj’s.


        1. Once in a job interview, as a very young person, I gave a very unfortunate answer to the question, “How do you feel about working with a board?” Did not occur to me until YEARS later that I was, at the time, being interviewed by a board. Duh.


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