Why I hate Halloween, or never wear a costume to work

IMG_0335I have never pretended to be a fun person. Perhaps that’s why I don’t like Halloween, a holiday whose primary objectives seem to be having fun and eating candy, two things of which I generally don’t approve. Oh, and walking around a sidewalk-free suburb in the dark.

I don’t know what it is about Halloween that makes perfectly sane people dress like some warped version of their alter-egos – vampires (which, frankly, might be a little sexual for the workplace), Star Trek characters (please!), or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (in your tornado-head-injury-induced dreams). Sitting in a meeting full of these characters was enough to make you hit the hazelnut flavored coffee.

“Have you no pride?” I wanted to shout, to which they surely would have cried, “Why are you no fun? Lighten up, for crying out loud. It’s Halloween, that greatest of all holidays where all you have to do is dress up, eat candy, and walk around in the dark!”

I was clearly an army of one in my fight against Halloween. And even I have to admit it did have one very important purpose – it reminded everyone that it was near time to string holiday lights throughout their cubicles. No wonder our utility bills were always over budget.

So what do you think? Costumes or no costumes at work? And why?

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