A Freelancer’s Christmas Carol: An Uneasy Christmas Memory (BlogFestivus day 2)

I was bothered by my meeting with Scrooge. And slightly buzzed. When I reached home I kicked off my shoes, flopped on the couch, and fell asleep.

And then I had the weirdest dream. A young man in a short-sleeved Oxford shirt and glasses appeared in my living room.

“I am the ghost of Christmas past,” he said, pushing up his glasses. “Do you remember a day long ago, a day you dragged yourself to a meeting with a case of stomach flu?”

“No thanks, spirit. I do not need to relive that.”ny-conference-room-table

But suddenly, we were standing at the edge of a conference room. At the front – an older man, dressed in a suit. My boss, Hal.

‘No raises this year,” Hal was saying. “No bonus checks. The company lost money this year because you didn’t work hard enough.”

“That jerk left for a month in Florida the next day,” I grumbled, “That did not make us want to work harder.”

“A poor excuse,” the spirit admonished. “Be self-motivated. Toil for the satisfaction of the work.”

I started awake. It was almost dark. I heaved myself off the couch, watched two hours of HGTV, and went to bed.

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