A Freelancer’s Christmas Carol: No Time Like the Present (BlogFestivus day 3)

But I did not sleep easy. It wasn’t long before another spirit appeared – an indifferent looking young woman, stylish in a ratty sort of way.

She took my hand and we flew across snowy fields, stopping in a distant suburb. Bob Cratchit was arriving home from work.

snow scene“Tim,” he shouted, swinging a young boy into the air. A woman appeared in the doorway, wiping her hands on a dishtowel.

“Where have you been? I was hoping to do some Christmas shopping this evening.”

Bob’s face clouded over.

“Why don’t you go finish your homework, Tim,” she said.

They watched Tim run down the hall.

“What is it, Bob?”

“I don’t think we should spend a lot on gifts this year. I have a bad feeling. It’s Scrooge…he’s holed up in his office for hours on end, on the phone. There are rumors. I’m afraid the company’s about to go belly up.”

“Well,” she said, “There are alternatives.” They stared at each other in grim-faced silence.


I woke and rolled over in bed. “Beat it, spirits,” I muttered. “I don’t like Scrooge and I don’t want to do this project.”

I shut my eyes and tried to salvage the night.

What is Bob’s terrible fate? Find out tomorrow. In the meantime, find links to all the fabulous BlogFestivus participants at blogdramedy.wordpress.com

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