A Freelancer’s Christmas Carol: The Future – it’s in Oil (BlogFestivus day 4)

A third spirit appeared, dressed, for some reason, in a suit and hard hat. He took my hand and led me to another conference room – this time Scrooge’s. One by one, Scrooge let his technicians go. We watched as their families racked up credit card debt, worried about the mortgage, and scrambled to navigate the affordable health care database. Then the vision worsened.

1-large-cardboard-box-zoomWe stood on a platform on a dark, cold, Minneapolis morning, near a train headed to Bismarck, North Dakota. A small child wept as his father boarded. It was Tim, and the man boarding the train was Bob.

And then I realized the awful truth – the train was heading to the Bakken oil fields.

“No!” I gasped.

“He’ll make a ton of dough,” the spirit said.

“But he’ll end up living in sub-standard housing, working 18 hour days, and eating fast food for weeks on end!”

I woke in a cold sweat.

“I’ll do this stupid project,” I thought, “Not for Scrooge, the old skinflint, but for Bob – because no one should have to leave their family to go to North Dakota in the winter, and live in a trailer with a bunch of other guys!”

Alas, tomorrow BlogFestivus comes to an end, but not before Day 5’s installment: Tiny Tim is Saved

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