More resolutions for the irresolute

I’m not really a resolutions type of gal. Resolutions require you to draw a line in the sand, and presumably, at some point, cross that line, an action I’m generally adverse to. I got around this in my resolutions last year by setting guidelines for myself that I largely already meet. Pretty weak. So this year, I plan to:

  1. photoPay attention to what I am doing. If I succeed, I’ll probably notice some of the things I’m doing are dumb and then I can stop doing them. (My version of being present.)
  2. Do more things just because they’re fun. What’s wrong with having a little fun? I could make an argument that in the last couple of years, I have not had enough fun.
  3. Stop feeling guilty about #2. Guilt has a way of taking the fun out of having fun.
  4. Write something every day, even if it’s just a haiku in my Twitter feed.
  5. Occasionally, write something more than a haiku in my Twitter feed. To keep me motivated, I’ve joined Jeff Goins’ 500-words-a-day challenge.
  6. Enjoy things. I want more moments in my life to feel like the bliss of a hot shower on a cold day (or a cold shower on a hot day. Can’t decide which feels more blissful).
  7. I’d say appreciate the time I have with my kids, but honestly, some of the time I spend with my kids is a grind, for them and me. Instead, I’ll focus on trying not to get ticked off about stuff I probably won’t remember the next day.

These resolutions don’t sound very challenging, but I think, perhaps, life shouldn’t be a constant challenge. You can’t win a race – or lose it – if you’re the only one running.

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Tela, Inc. for the bee-yoo-tee-ful visual.