What am I wearing? The black sweater, of course

Fashionable Moms Everywhere are asking, “Tell me, other mom, what are you wearing this award season?” Well, I can tell you without a doubt what I’m wearing – the black sweater.

The black sweater takes a selfie
The black sweater takes a selfie

What black sweater, you say? Why, the one I’ve been wearing for well over a decade that may, in fact, be older than my 9th grade daughter.

You know, the one from that retailer that no longer exists? With the barely discernible grease spot on the front?

Yes, that’s the one. The sweater that has gone to many high-profile locales and events such as:

  • Work about 100,000 times
  • Preschool “Moms and Muffins” day
  • The opera
  • The carwash
  • Several early-season baseball games
  • 10 or 12 dinners with the neighbors
  • Four adult birthday parties
  • At least one speaking engagement
  • The science museum virtually every time I’ve gone (we’re members)
  • Dance competitions
  • Happy hour
  • Lunch with my besties
  • Ten states and at least one other country

It’s been worn with jeans, yoga pants, a wool skirt, my favorite dress pants, and a cute, leather skirt that dresses it up bit. With tall boots, short boots, winter boots, hiking shoes, and heels.

Who's closer to retirement - me or the sweater?
Who’s closer to retirement – me or the sweater?

The black sweater is begging for retirement, but unfortunately, it has no replacement. Where else will I find a sweater that can hold up to hundreds of washings and still make another of its memorable appearances this evening – at a sixth grade band concert?

How could I have known when I bought it that it would offer the most value of any item of clothing I’d ever purchase, even better than the duo-fold, polypropylene long underwear I wore for over 20 years until it looked like a piece of swiss cheese? (That’s not 20 years straight, by the way. It is slightly too warm here in the summer for duo-fold underwear.)

No, the black sweater cannot be replaced. It is my longest lasting wardrobe love. There can be no other.

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28 thoughts on “What am I wearing? The black sweater, of course

  1. I know that black sweater – I had one too. A white one as well. Managed to replace it 6 winters ago and needed to replace it again this fall. I found something but not quite the same. Funny how we get “attached”. And so glad to know I am not alone. PS – I’m wearing the old “ratty” white turtleneck with my grey wool cardigan and jeans as I compose messaging for e-news letters of all sorts today. Enjoying your post was a great break!


    1. I can picture it now. I donned the black sweater for my selfie and am loathe to change but need to keep it clean for tonight’s big band concert. Stay warm today!


  2. I fell in love with my black sweater about five years ago. I loved it so much, I bought another one. (It’s supposed to be worn as a base layer and I do that sometimes too.) So now it really looks like I wear the same sweater over and over because I have two in rotation. Then I found a black Norwegian ski sweater at an estate sale. You’ll never see me in anything but black! Glad to be in the sisterhood! Thanks, Sarah.


  3. I have one too with a big hole in the underarm that I’m convinced nobody sees when I wear black underneath it because you know – both black! Awesome! And UGH I just saw Deb’s comment. She totally copied me even though she went first.


  4. Oh yes, much like everyone else who commented here, I, too, own a black sweater. My black sweater is a black Topshop top with a left armpit cooling system. Before it was demoted to a pajama top, I’ve worn it to university, weddings, job interviews, at home, to go out with friends. It saw three continents: Europe, where is was purchased, Asia where it lived for a while and now America. I love the idea of your black sweater’s biography. Thank you so much for linking up!


  5. I have a black short-sleeved turtleneck that used to serve a similar set of functions in my wardrobe and I always felt a bit Audrey Hepburn in it, even if nobody else would have made that connection, but unlike yours it started falling apart at the seams.

    Every so often I gaze into a shop window looking for its likeness but I have never seen it.


  6. So mine is a long sleeved black t-shirt from Target. That’s as close as I get-this is mostly because I no longer can fit into the stuff I wore a few years ago. I blame the kids. 😉


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