5 reasons bloggers number their posts

A tribute to the beguiling blogger at Blogdramedy who, admittedly, won’t read it because she doesn’t read numbered blog posts.

Learning to countIn her post yesterday, said blogger gave us TEN Reasons Why Numbered Posts Are So Yesterday. As a perpetrator of this once highly-favored writing style, I felt a rejoinder was in order. So here are (drumroll, please) 5 Reasons Bloggers Number Their Posts:

  1. Some of us are, in fact, so yesterday. My life is all about yesterday – what I ate, why I didn’t exercise, things I didn’t get done. My yesterday so inevitably slips into today that I never really have a today. I am stuck in perpetual yesterday. (If I’m completely honest, it might be the middle of last week.)
  2. Laziness. Duh. The alternative is to come up with a title that people will actually want to read, ideally accessed through highly-utilized search terms. Come on, that’s a lot of work! I have a day job! Not that I’m working at my day job right now. Because I’m blogging.
  3. A lack of originality. I’d provide some supporting evidence here but I can’t think of anything.
  4. It provides order. Many of us are grasping for order. And in the absence of real order, will accept something that looks suspiciously like order.
  5. We think it’s cute. And let’s face it, many of us (not me, of course, ahem) are blogging primarily for a beloved, niche audience of one – that is to say, ourselves.

One who is reading too much into this might think I ended the list at five (5) in deference to my esteemed blogging-colleague’s point of view. But in fact, I could only come up with five. It’s that darned lack of originality again. It gets you every time.

26 thoughts on “5 reasons bloggers number their posts

  1. HAHAHA I am so glad I’m doing my FB Funny Blogger run through tonight. I needed these posts!! I kinda make a living off my numbered posts so……..how’s that for making a future out of yesterday? Eh?? EHHHHH????


    • If I could figure out how to make a future out of yesterday I would have skipped today altogether. Especially since the highlight of my day was administering the Heimlich maneuver during dinner.


  2. Right off I have to say as much as I want to list the many ways I loved this post, I can’t now because of “that” post from yesterday.

    So, I’ll only say this once. Well done, you!


  3. When I saw your headline, I was like, “I don’t know, why do we?” In my first three months of blogging alone, I published like 5 numbered lists. I just though that’s what you did. I’m glad to see I was in fact doing it for all the right reasons! Whew! Thanks, Sarah!!! 🙂


  4. I personally love lists. I just laugh when I see different “rules” floating around about blogging. The beauty of it is that everyone does it differently. So keep making your lists my friend!


    • After reading the initial post I started to notice how many numbered posts there are – a ton! Which probably both supports the point of view that it’s trite and also points to its popularity. Everybody wins.


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