The upside of downtime (Blogging from A to Z)

imageAnd by that I mean forced downtime caused by the flu. Probably because I was as exhausted as I’ve been in years when the bug hit, my recovery’s been slow. No going to the gym. No gadding about town. No running up and down the stairs all day.

What I’ve done instead is a lot of sitting. And reading. And yes, writing. The big plus – I managed to prep some of my Blogging from A to Z entries (see the full list below), showing for perhaps the first time ever that I can accomplish something I set out to do! Of course, I had to do it in my pajamas and no further than a foot from a box of tissues.

I’ll be contributing the Work-at-Home Alphabet, describing the joys and tribulations of the home office. The positive? All that flexibility so many people dream about. The negative? Other people live here. And they continually intrude on my workspace.

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A is for Afternoon

B is for Bone-Chilling Cold

C is for Coffee

D is for Desperate Decor

E is for Exercises

F is for Filing

G is for Garbage Day

H is for Housework

I is for Influenza and Other Illness

J is for Jammies

K is for Karate

L is for Leftovers at Lunch

M is for Monday

N is for Noise

O is for Obvious Opportunity

P is for Proofreading

Q is for Quagmire

R is for Rodents

S is for School Supplies

T is for Treadmill

U is for Uncomfortable Utterances

V is for Vacation

W is for Wireless Wars

X is for X-ray Vision

Y is for Yoga

Do you work at home? Do you have a concept you’re dying to contribute? Let me know and if I use it, I’ll credit you in the post.

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35 thoughts on “The upside of downtime (Blogging from A to Z)

  1. I sometimes work at home, but all I can think of is the intrusion. Oh, the intrusion. You’re already so far ahead of me – what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

    Have you talked about how, when someone else is looking after your kids in the next room and they start mucking up, it’s still an intrusion because you can hear them? And how they like to muck up extra extra hard to see if there’s a point at which they can get you out of your office?


    1. I had a summer nanny for a few years and found I could not be home when she was there because they would come straight to me despite rigorous instruction to the contrary.


  2. I had a client appointment in my calendar for the wrong day, she showed up on the right day, and I was still in my pyjamas – at least if I was at ‘work’ I would have been dressed 🙂 I’m part of co host Pam’s Unconventional Alliance. Dropping in from the #atozchallenge. Reflex Reactions


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