A is for Afternoon

work-at-homeI have never been a morning person. Come to think of it, I’m not a night person either. When I worked in an office, I used to hit my peak productivity about 11:30 in the morning, just in time for lunch, after which I would be lulled into a post-lunch stupor for an hour or two.

But working at home seems to have re-set my energy levels. My young kids aren’t out the door until nearly 9:00 a.m. Unless I have an early meeting, I am not usually dressed, fed, or anything else until after they leave. And I have a few tasks to do before I can start on my work for the day. The kitchen is typically a mess. There’s laundry to start. Calls to return.

The end result of all this is I seem to hit my peak hour of productivity around 2:30 in the afternoon – about 25 minutes before my first child arrives home from school. While 4:00 finds me in high gear, beautiful work product flowing from my finger tips, it’s accompanied by a background that includes:

  • “What do we have to eat?”
  • “Be quiet, I’m doing homework!”
  • “Mama, there’s someone at the door.”
  • “Have the cats been fed yet?”
  • “He hit me!”
  • “Can you give me a ride to Jessica’s?”

…and is punctuated by crashes, bangs and verbal conflicts of all sorts.

At least my co-workers had the courtesy to save their conflicts for the meeting room. And they almost never asked me for rides.

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19 thoughts on “A is for Afternoon

  1. I am totally NOT a morning person. Every morning, my kids look at me and tell me they know I’m not gonna make it today. Get to 4PM, I’m flyin’ high!!!

    What’s up with that?!?!? Then I’m up till 2AM!


  2. Hmm if I had to pick my most productive time of day I’m probably right there with you. I drop Nathan off at 9 and then hit the gym for an hour. I’m usually back home and at my computer by 11. I usually eat lunch at my desk and power though. By 1 I’m dunzo.


  3. Here’s my theory: it’s actually the adrenalin boost from the stress of knowing that your whole work-world is about to collapse around you (just as you were starting to get somewhere) that produces this amazing productivity. What you need is a magical and completely unexpected diversion to happen at least, say, several times a week, which allows you to use an extra couple of hours.

    Difficult to organise, yes. Hm. Poser.


    1. Yes, toddlers force some discipline. I think I was better at this when my kids were younger, but now I operate under the illusion that they are self-sufficient.


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