B is for Bone-Chilling Cold

work-at-homeWhen our third child was a toddler, it became evident that he needed his own room. His brother, the early bird, was significantly cutting into the kid’s sleep, and a sleep-deprived toddler is not the most amusing person to have around. The result was that he got my lovely little office. I moved to the basement.

My basement office is OK in the summer as basements go. It is more garden-level than underground so I have a nice-sized window that I can open to let in the light and the summer breezes. But winter is something else. By mid-December, this place is cold. And it stays that way until about mid-May.

I have an industrial-sized space heater that takes off the chill some. Of course, the lights in the neighborhood also dim a little when I switch it on. I see a noticeable bump in our electric bill when I’m using it, too. I have even, in my head, calculated the additional number of billable hours I need to work over the course of the winter to pay for the heat this little beauty puts out.

But, hey, I don’t mind. I’m all about sacrificing for my kids. All. day. long.

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14 thoughts on “B is for Bone-Chilling Cold

    1. In typical fashion, I am usually behind on breakfast. It occurs to me to be hungry sometime closer to lunch which throws off lunch. But clearly, given my post for “Day C” I do not skip the coffee.


  1. My whole house is cold. Even when it’s warm outside it is colder inside. I guess it will save me on our electric bill in the summer.


  2. Brrrrrrrr. Recently I kicked my youngest out of her room and into her sisters room. Now I have an office, lol. Looks like we’re just opposites!


    1. If you’d ever been around my youngest when his basic needs are not being met (food, sleep…) you would know there is really no other option.


  3. My office is our tiny back bedroom, which also houses an ancient boiler, in winter it’s a toss up between being cold or having weird and wonderful banging noises (which as you can imagine is great for concentration). Sometimes I’d use the heater just so I could get peace and quiet for a few hours despite knowing it probably cost more than my hourly rate!

    Finally after 2 and a half years of working at home (it’s quieter in Summer at least) I’m having a new boiler – mostly because it’s ancient and broken not because of the noise, but we’re relocating it entirely… I’m going to gain an extra foot and a half in the room… I may just fit!!

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