C is for Coffee

work-at-homeSince I started out with some of the negatives about the home office I thought I’d throw in one of the truly good things about working at home.

At home, you control the coffee. No longer are you subjected to the whims of co-workers and the great divide between the Strong Coffee Drinkers and Those Who Prefer Their Coffee Weak and Ineffectual. (I assume you can tell which camp I’m in.)

I first encountered this divide as a young intern. Because I didn’t have permanent space, I frequently worked in the break room and watched this saga play out throughout the day. The coffeemaker was intended for use with one entire packet of ground coffee, but no one followed this instruction. They either used 1/2 a packet, or they used 2 or 3 packets. I must have heard, “Ugh, who made this coffee?” about a hundred times a day.

Working at home also allows me to escape Dreaded Flavored Coffee. I hate it with a passion you can only develop if you spend months with morning sickness trying to ignore the pervasive smell of hazelnut wafting into your office. Ooh, I feel a little queasy even thinking about it.

But here, the coffee is all mine to brew as I see fit. Think I’ll head upstairs for a cup right now.

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24 thoughts on “C is for Coffee

  1. If I had a dollar for everyone who is posting about coffee today, well I’d be able to buy some coffee! 🙂 I was going to use this for mine but I just blogged about coffee. Hope you are enjoying your break! We miss you!


  2. Make me some! I drink coffee at home exclusively. We all know…Bustelo. I love making it, brewing it and drinking it. It’s my absolute kick in the pants after a night of light insomnia. Then it’s super strong tea the rest of the day!

    I am equal opportunity, after all!


  3. I love coming home from dropping the kids off at school and making that first cup of coffee just how I like it! Sets me up for the day. 🙂


    1. We just returned from a trip to Mexico and you should have seen us bee-line to the Starbucks in the airport – us and dozens of others. Interestingly, I learned that the coffee the resort served at lunch was ten times better than that served in the morning. Maybe they stepped it up a little for the hard-core coffee drinkers?


    1. Yes, you have ultimate control. I almost never order tea when out, however, unless I’m in a part of the world where they brew it vs. giving you a cup of hot water and a tea bag.


  4. Oh god yes, communal work coffee is a positive nightmare. I have had the pleasure of working for 2 different companies where it was a utter delight coffee wise though.

    The first was no matter which office I was working out of there was always a coffee lover who took care of what was bought and how it was made and always made it to your personal taste.

    The second was a regional office with a lovely tea/coffee making routine and although I’d mostly switched to tea by then (too much coffee in a previous life), one of the regional managers made superb coffee for us all when she was in from her personal stash.

    Now it has become my treat mid-morning at home, just a lovely cup made exactly how I like… only downside now is the washing up is definitely still there at the end of the day.

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    1. I was chatting with a friend the other day whose company has the opposite problem – they have wonderful equipment for brewing coffee and tea which results in groups of people standing in the break room all day long debating the best brewing techniques. Must admit, that would drive me nuts, too.


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