D is for Desperate Décor

work-at-homeOr maybe drywall…you decide.

If the decor of your office is a reflection of your personality or your work style I’m in trouble. Mine started out OK. I have nice furniture and a few pieces of artwork I particularly like. And that’s where the beauty ends.

While my office has a closet that would be perfect for office supplies it is, unfortunately, full of other things so the office supplies reside on open shelving that is none too attractive. And because my office is the place where all family business goes to die it is full of items best stowed elsewhere including two bags of books waiting for donation; a box of kids’ art projects in-progress; the broken handle of an appliance for which I need to track down a replacement on the internet; a large, schoolroom-sized pencil sharpener (who besides kids ever uses a pencil?); and assorted other oddities.

But perhaps the worst thing is what you can’t see: Two large holes in the drywall caused by a cat. While it seems the shelf was a perfect perch for watching the squirrels that come to the window, it would not support the weight of books and a cat so down it came one afternoon – cat, shelf, books, and two big chunks of drywall.

My patience for the drywall repair, and the subsequent paint job it will require, is pretty much zero. But a quick perusal of storage turned up a rather average piece of artwork whose chief attribute is that it perfectly covers the holes in the drywall. Out of sight, out of mind.

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7 thoughts on “D is for Desperate Décor

  1. I think that if you feel your creative space is cluttered, it has to be hard to work in it. Mine needs a complete clearing out, books, etc. I work best when I feel quiet inside, does that make sense. i


  2. I don’t even have an office! I work in the kitchen on the table where the sliding glass doors are to the patio. I’ll be over in a little bit to patch up the drywall (I’m kinda handy like that, I can tile a backsplash, wallpaper, lay wood flooring, I love that stuff!)


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