F is for Filing

work-at-homeWhen I worked at my last corporate job I was one of the lucky few who still had an office. Even though most of our company had converted to executive cube-land, we were the little corner time management forgot.

My office had two, large, wonderful file cabinets that could hold just about anything I chose to retain. That is not the case in my home office. I have room for exactly one file cabinet. So periodically, I must go through and decide what to keep and what to throw out.

To help decide what to save, I use this valuable rating scale when I review my project files:

  1. A good, solid project that resulted in high-quality deliverables that I can probably leverage again. Keep.
  2. An OK project. I learned something, there might be a few items I can retain, and some I can discard.
  3. Definitely not memorable. I can get rid of most, if not all, of this.
  4. A horrendous project. Burn the file now! Why did I even keep it at all! Ugh,the memories – make it stop!

There, that should clear up a little space.

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16 thoughts on “F is for Filing

  1. My husband needs this advice. Now that he’s an RM his office is basically at home. His papers are scattered all over our house.


    1. I just don’t have the room I used to have so it stacks up pretty fast – I do confine them to my office, however. I would never be able to find anything if I were spread throughout the house!


  2. My filing process? Shove it in one of four, FOUR, junk drawers. When I need something and am freaking out (hair on fire status), I search the drawers and clean them all out, never finding what I need.

    Isn’t that SO efficient?!


    1. I was thinking it sounded more efficient than some, until you mentioned you never find what you need. Which makes me wonder – what IS in those drawers?


  3. In the office I have lateral cabinets, and a pedestal cabinet. Nobody dares open it unless they are willing to arrange everything I have stashed in there. The only thing neatly arranged are the sugar packets I have in the bottom drawer. Don’t ask why. LOL


    1. Yes! There are so many uses for this scale! (see also cleaning the refrigerator, going through child’s schoolwork, cleaning out the garage…)


  4. Hahaha, I have so many files it’s insane. And I’m a clutter bug who loves paper. I prefer to read things rather than save them online. I’m horrible and I have more file cabinets here than I care to admit 😉


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