G is for Garbage Day

work-at-homeThat would be Monday here. What does garbage day have to do with a home office, you ask?

We live in a municipality where homeowners must contract for their own garbage pick-up. On my walks to and from the school bus stop on Mondays, I’ve counted five different carriers that serve just our cul de sac.

That means on any given Monday, here’s the traffic I can expect to swing around the cul de sac right outside my office window:

  • Five (5) trucks picking up the trash
  • Five (5) trucks picking up yard waste
  • One (1) truck picking up recycling (the city contracts for that)
  • One (1) truck picking up the neighbor’s organics recycling

That’s twelve trucks every Monday that pull up to the end of our cul de sac, and because they can’t quite make it around, execute a three-point turn with a loud, beeping racket so they can head back up the street.

Blissful, it is not.

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12 thoughts on “G is for Garbage Day

  1. That sounds loud and annoying for sure. We have to bring our garbage to the central drop off point, which can also be annoying, but at least where I live it is quiet. Glad I found your blog through the A to Z challenge.


    1. Hmmm…we have a lot of garbage with 3 kids so not sure I’d want to haul it. That thought should make the noise more bearable. Thanks for reading.


  2. Not blissful, and surely not sane. Have any of the trucks not thought of paying each other to do their runs more efficiently? They could have, like, this whole garbage service reseller scheme amongst themselves. I mean yes, sure, it would defeat the purpose of having separate contractors a bit, but it sounds like a purpose that could use some defeating?

    Is the market really more efficient than making sure only one garbage truck works each street?


    1. I guarantee you it is not more efficient. The wear and tear on the streets alone ought to be reason enough to consolidate. These companies compete for our business, which is good, but more than once I’ve had a company I’m leaving offer to match a lower price from a competitor like I can’t figure out that they could have been charging me less in the first place.


  3. Are you serious? What a whackadoodle system! I thought Bakersfield was behind the times. We finally got curbside recycling. Until the past year we had to pay for the service – which we did… wow. I love Mondays so if I wasn’t careful, living on your blissful cul de sac might make my blood pressure rise!

    Reminds me of the power of choosing to stay conscious, even when stuff is aggravating. Like the crew outside my front window. They’re trimming trees away from the power lines but do they really need that many men… and they’re chattering and not using the best language… oy.

    At least it’s Tuesday! 🙂


  4. We have the same thing! I hate it. But I do love that we have backyard pickup so I don’t have to fool with hauling the cans down to the curb.


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