I is for Influenza and Other Illness

work-at-homeIf you’ve read my recent posts, you know I had a bout of influenza in March that knocked me out of commission for almost two weeks. I was lucky that my workload was fairly light at the time. I was able to drag myself out of bed now and then to answer email and revise a few projects that were in review.

There are no paid sick days when you are your own boss, but you can manage through illness. You can shift work to accommodate the times you feel really crummy. You can wrap yourself in an afghan, make a hot toddy, and type away. You can return calls at the end of the day if your fever abates – after all, business contacts don’t know if you spent the day in meetings or in bed with a cold compress on your head.

It’s perhaps worse when you have a sick “other” at home. A mildly ill child might be content to sit on the couch a few feet away from you and watch Scooby Doo all day, but if you have a kid who’s seriously under the weather you’ll be on your feet fetching apple juice, pain reliever, the thermometer, home remedies, and weird food items (at least at my house).

Of course, it’s never easy having a sick kid. I once facilitated a strategic planning session for a client while my oldest child was home sick. I told her to text me if she needed anything, and let my client know she might be in touch. I didn’t realize that her interpretation of this would be to text me such important facts as “I’m headed to the bathroom now,” and “I just saw a fox outside the window.”

It was a terrible interruption. Plus, I was mad I missed the fox.

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10 thoughts on “I is for Influenza and Other Illness

    1. My clients were impressed she was looking out the window instead of watching TV but I had my doubts. Turns out she saw his reflection in the TV because he came right up to the window. She would have missed him otherwise.


  1. Ah sickness. Fortunately, knock on wood, i do not get sick much. The wilds haven’t been sick much either. I was sick this morning and thankfully Nathan was already at school and my baby is still with Nana. It was nice to just lay in bed with no interruptions for once in my mommy life!


  2. I know all about it. My boys know that when Mommy snaps or waves frantically, it’s time to stop pretending they are Pokemon. But when they’re sick? They’re better! Calmer, quieter so I can make calls. They’re weird. 🙂 Love’em though.


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