J is for Jammies

work-at-homeYou know, pajamas – the uniform of the self-employed. That’s what everyone thinks, right? That we all sit around in our pjs all day.

Well, I guess I’ve done that a few times. It usually happens when I get an early start on my day and then find hours later that I haven’t left the desk long enough to get dressed. Now that’s devotion to the work!

But most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and a ratty sweatshirt, thank you very much. I’m much too respectable to wear my pajamas all day long.

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14 thoughts on “J is for Jammies

  1. Pajama days are the best days, the days that writing moves to the front of the line. Besides, I worked the night shift for over 30 years, so most people have seem me pajamatized.


  2. Can I share a secret? I’ve worn pajamas to work! They didn’t even know it. Slap a scarf on that outfit and it’s totally glam! It happens when I’m tired. I actually had to look down to make sure I didn’t have pajamas on today!


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