K is for Karate

work-at-homeAnd dance. And baseball. And all the other activities that make it seem impossible for me to hold a “regular” job. Since my husband travels for work, most of the transport for activities falls to me.

It started with one preschool dance class. I would dress my daughter in a tiny leotard and take her down the street to the studio where I would pretend to watch her from the parents’ waiting room while instead chasing two toddler boys up and down the hallway for 45 minutes. Aggravating, but manageable.

But karate started the scales tipping. Karate meant two (and for a brief while, three) kids in activities. It required a drive in rush hour traffic, and it took place during the dinner hour, which made is seem overwhelming at the time. Little did I know I would pine for the days when we had just dance and karate.

Now, my schedule requires the precision of launching the space shuttle – one blip and you have to scrub the whole mission. Here’s what the kids’ activities looked like this week:

  • Monday – two dances classes, and an orthodontist appointment
  • Tuesday – dance team practice, two lacrosse practices, and a dance class
  • Wednesday – two lacrosse games (away), and a dance class
  • Thursday – dance team practice, and one baseball practice
  • Friday – nothing, wow!
  • Saturday – baseball field clean-up, one baseball practice, dance team practice, two lacrosse practices, and an outing to a professional lacrosse game – makes up for Friday
  • Sunday – one lacrosse game, and a dance competition

And then it starts all over again. Once baseball season is in full swing, there are several nights we have a total of four activities on the calendar, all during the same timeframe. Obviously, we won’t make them all. I’ll be throwing a few darts.

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11 thoughts on “K is for Karate

  1. Shew. I’m equal parts impressed and tired by your schedule. 🙂 We are currently struggling with the idea of putting the girl child on a travel softball team. It would mean 4 practices for her and 2 baseball practices for the boy child each week. Ugh. I just don’t know. She wants to, and I think she would learn a lot…I’m just not sure we are up for it! EEEEEKK!


    1. We’ve always said no to summer traveling baseball because we have another spring/summer sport (lacrosse) and because it not only drags the baseball season out another month, the tournament play eats up whole summer weekends. It’s Minnesota, people! Summer is shorter than your average blockbuster movie! Gotta have some time to enjoy it.


      1. You know as soon as I posted that comment I looked up and thought, sod, I’m running late to pick up P for karate. Although in my defence I’m a bit lazy with it because the class is held in our building’s multi-purpose room and I still don’t know why he can’t just walk himself back downstairs at the end, but I suppose they like to hand them back more directly.

        Obviously I shouldn’t be having a third child (or chasing a career as a defense lawyer).


  2. It’s a blessing when the school holidays roll around and most of the activities stop! I don’t know what I’d do without my slow-cooker. It’s the only way we get to eat on a Tuesday night! 😉


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