M is for Monday

work-at-homeI know, it’s Tuesday, and I’ve written about Monday before – but really, can you say too much about Monday? And since this is also Tax Day, doesn’t it feel a bit like a Monday?

We all know what Monday feels like. And worse, that feeling creeps into Sunday. I don’t think there is an employee out there who hasn’t experienced the onset of the Sunday blues, that sinking realization that within hours, you will be at your desk steeped in the horrors you abandoned on your desk on Friday.

I don’t feel that way anymore. Haven’t felt that way since I quit my corporate job. Even though I have to prep the rest of the family for Monday, it often comes as a relief to me. Yes, our weekends are busy, and yes my crew often leaves a disaster in their wake, but at least I get the house to myself for a few hours.

As I say to my family most Mondays, with the highest level of affection, “I can’t wait to see the backs of you people today.”

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16 thoughts on “M is for Monday

  1. I love this post. Mondays are a relief for me, too, even though my kids are out of the nest now. I adore my husband/friend, but we are not meant to spend hours and hours together. I work here, and he works there, and that’s the way I roll best!


      1. I absolutely lose all momentum when he calls out, sleepy-headed, still in bed, that he’s “going to use a vacation day.” It changes everything about my rhythm. Still, a good “problem” to have, I guess, as problems go…


  2. Not sure I’ll every be ready to work outside the home again! I love the quiet of Monday when everyone’s gone back to school and work and I can just get on with some writing! 🙂


  3. It’s similar to how we drop our boys off at school. My husband will say “I giveth you to this Catholic school, now get your learn on”! I wish I could work from home and for myself. I can’t even tell you how tired this poor little prayer that I offer up daily, is!


  4. I am envious of your ability to work from home. I am one of the people that must begrudgingly drag themselves to work every Monday through Friday. I wish for the ability to stay at home and work more conducive hours and on what I love but for now I will continue to haul myself to work to pay the bills and support my family. And then come home and work on what I love and spend time with my precious family.


    1. I traded quite a bit of income to be able to work at home and there are days I’m a little rueful about that. But I would make the same decision again.


  5. I thought I was the only one with Sunday night anxiety! Such a relief to know there are other people who suffer from these creeping anxieties. I am going to adopt your quote but will give you full credit.


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