N is for Noise

work-at-homeBelieve it or not, I’m referring to desirable noise.

From time to time, I like to have some background noise while I work. For years, my background noise of choice was public radio. But in the last few months, I’ve found I just can’t listen to it anymore.

The news is too grim, and the programming is dominated by health reporting – if they aren’t talking about disease, they’re talking about treating disease, diagnosing disease, or preventing disease (can you say aging demographic, anyone?)

I’ve fallen out of love, but some days I still need the noise. So I found myself resorting to something I never thought I’d do – turning on the TV.

Wow, is daytime TV awful. 800 channels and I can’t find anything that’s even tolerable as background noise. I can’t begin to think what weird picture of us a being from another planet would have if all they knew about us was what they picked up from a satellite feed. We’re nuts. If you can believe the TV. Which you can’t.

The only programming I’ve been able to stomach is the steady stream of home improvement shows dominated by young, first-time home buyers with seemingly bottomless budgets, and desperate-to-renovate couples with tiny, boisterous children and unrealistic expectations. I’ve done enough home renovation that I like seeing the walls come down, and seeing what a finished project actually looks like since most of our household projects hit about 85% done and stay there until we need to renovate again.

It’s sad, I know. But I’m just not used to the quiet.

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9 thoughts on “N is for Noise

  1. Here’s what I do for Noise — what I’ve done since my little children would wake at night, leaving me wide-eyed: I listen to a familiar movie — one that doesn’t require my watching it. I can work, or do chores, or close my eyes for sleep, and the comforting “rocking” of familiar dialogue and characters will keep me company without engaging me. My personal favorites: “All About Eve;” “Rear Window;” “Dial ‘M’ For Murder;” “LA Confidential” (I love the music); “Charade.” My husband even knows this about me — if I’m sad, or restless and awake, or feeling unmotivated, he’ll tune in one of these old friends. (He is certainly an old friend to know this about me!) Can’t do radio. Can’t do TV (unless it’s reruns of some old favorite). Can’t do iTunes.

    I love this blog, BTW.


  2. I’m also bordering on needing silence or something familiar. I used to use music, but I love dancing so much I’d distract myself and get nothing done. I think it all depends on the day and the mood.


    1. Agreed – sometimes I can’t have noise and sometimes I require it. I think I need more noise in winter because my other senses are deprived in our cold, colorless climate.


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