P is for Proofreading

work-at-homeAs I promised yesterday, a post about proofreading. It took me a while to land on a post for P. Products? Passwords? Pesky pets? It seems I could write about P all day (a joke my 10- and 11-year-old boys would appreciate).

I finally settled on Proofreading because of something I felt compelled to do the other day – send the head of a company a note advising that he have someone review his copy. Preferably someone who can spell.

I know how hard it can be to produce error-free copy (especially in the era of autocorrect) so I’ll typically give an organization one typo. But the communication this company sent was embarrassing – a notification for a conference that contained (with my limited perusal) three obvious typos, including one so heinous it moved me to action. When I sent myself an email link to the conference site, the auto-generated subject line contained a typo, a word any 2nd grader can spell.

Think about it – if I had sent this email to someone else suggesting they attend the conference it would have looked like my error. Horrors! I can’t think of a single one of my charming marketing friends who would have let that go by (I love you guys!) and then I would have felt compelled to explain that it wasn’t my error, leading to a long, annoying email chain.

I don’t really expect a response from this individual. He’s probably more annoyed than he is grateful. But I did him a favor by pointing out these errors. *Waits nervously for someone to point out the obvious typo in this post*

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