R is for Rodents


We live in a lovely wooded area. My “office” has beautiful views and shade that keeps the house cool most of the summer.

And I’m surrounded by wildlife. I bet you’re picturing the deer, coyotes, and foxes that occasionally wander through the yard. Or the majestic birds that soar by – eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, turkeys. (OK, turkeys aren’t exactly majestic, nor do they soar, but you get my drift.)

Oh, yes, I’m surrounded by wildlife…but the ones who frequent my space are mice, voles and squirrels. (In case you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Squirrels are not rodents,” rest assured. I looked it up.)

These unwholesome critters are drawn to the bird feeder that drops seed right outside my garden-level office window. There they scratch, dig and make a general nuisance of themselves all day and night.

The squirrels are a real pleasure. They don’t just graze. They rumble. As in fight. Each other. And when they do, they slam into the window with an alarming racket, thumping and scratching against the glass, sending me flying out of my chair, and the cats running to the window sill. (We call it cat TV.)

So when I say my co-workers are pests, I really mean pests. As in vermin.

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13 thoughts on “R is for Rodents

  1. I love your use of the word vermin here. This post could do double duty, eh? My beloved friend is a sculptor, doing an installation at our local university. I noticed as I drove away from his worksite last week the ground was covered in… squirrels. We have ground squirrels in California. They aren’t cute and fluffy tailed like the tree living squirrels of my youth in the Midlantic states. Ewww. these things look like slightly furry rats to me. Yuck.

    Now that I’ve grossed myself out, I’m going to hop over to a different R… and now I feel guilty about leaving you here to fend for yourself!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z


    1. We watched one of our furry friends get picked off by a red-tailed hawk one day, right outside the window. A lesson on the food chain, for sure. I did feel a pang of regret seeing his furry little corpse in the snow.


    1. Well, they look like rodents and they act like rodents but I wasn’t sure. Plus they’re large (as rodents go) so the thought sort of grossed me out.


  2. Our neighbor has squirrel feeders. I know exactly what you mean. The are constantly fighting. One squirrel even wedged himself into one of the feeders. That really peed off the others.


    1. One year my sister sent my husband a squirrel-proof feeder for Christmas. It wasn’t even an hour before a squirrel was safely ensconced inside the little safety cage munching away. They have since chewed the feeder apart and left it for dead.


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