S is for School Supplies


What is a post about school supplies doing in a series about a home office? Perhaps the better question is what are all these school supplies doing in my office?

Because there are a lot of school supplies – two bins and a miscellaneous stack of junk. These are the items I purchase using the helpful list the school provides at the end of each year to help us prepare for the fall. When fall rolls around, the list has inevitably changed and half the stuff trickles back home and curls up to die in my office.

It’s usually too late to donate or return these items so I stash them. Then, before we purchase school supplies for the following year, we paw through this pile looking for things like:

  • One steno notebook in red
  • Five pocket folders, one of which must be puce
  • Fifty-six glue sticks we will not use before they fossilize
  • One round-nose scissors to replace the one last year’s teacher threw out when your child left his bag in the classroom for five minutes after the final bell rang
  • The largest three-ring binder known to man

It’s a great system.

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9 thoughts on “S is for School Supplies

  1. At the school our kids go to, they provide a box o’supplies that we send a check in for. We never have to shop, or tick of long crazy supply lists. I actually miss shopping for it.


  2. I had to buy supplies twice! Since we moved a month after the school year started I got to do it twice. BOO! And they always put things on the list are impossible to find!


    1. I know! There are always people walking around our local Target in tears trying to find that one impossible thing. One year it was a yellow spiral notebook. I think I went to three stores before I found one. Another year there was a dire shortage of glue sticks.


    1. Exactly – and some never make the list again. I have, among other things, a giant pink binder, never used. Neither of my boys is willing to take it on.


    1. OK, maybe I exaggerated a little…but not much. One year I went all over the cities looking for a single steno notebook but was only able to buy a pack of 8. I used those notebooks for years. And the kid didn’t use hers at all.


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