W is for Wireless Wars

work-at-homeThe biggest bottleneck of the home office – shared wi-fi. As if it isn’t hard enough to work when the kids are home, I have to compete for bandwidth with two people playing Minecraft and one streaming Netflix on her phone.

And it only gets worse when my husband’s home. The five people who share our abode, among us, have at least nine devices that require the use of wi-fi to make their users happy and/or productive. (Note: It’s usually an “or”.)

I’m sure some of you who are reading are wondering why the heck I let the kids sit on their devices all day – I don’t. But frankly, when I’m working, I don’t always notice that they’ve headed back to the electronic babysitter until my email starts to bog down. Then I raise my head and listen to the eerie silence that is three kids with their heads back in the “cloud”.

It’s so nice to be a copywriter and a policeman all at the same time.

Now that it’s spring it will be easier to keep the kids engaged in non-electronic activities. With baseball, dance, lacrosse, recitals, jobs, and school events they’ll be plenty busy. Then once school is out it’s camps, the beach, the bowling alley and museums across the city.

The good news? Even the beach has free wi-fi. So I can keep working.

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6 thoughts on “W is for Wireless Wars

  1. It got so bad in my house (2 teenagers and a spouse with devices) that I got a second high speed connection. Now, during work hours, everyone else is forced to use the slower DSL connection and my speeds don’t suffer.


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