X is for X-Ray Vision

work-at-homeWhich is what you wish you had when you’re working at home and your office door’s shut. And it’s too quiet on the other side of the door.

If I’m writing, I can wrest myself away for a few minutes and check out what the kids are up to, but if I’m on the phone I’m out of luck. And of course, it’s when I’m on the phone that the shenanigans start.

I’ve always told my kids that moms are like superheroes – We see all, we hear all, and we know what you’re going to do before you do it – but when I’m on the phone my powers are diluted by the noise from the speaker phone on the other end of the line. The paper shuffling. The side conversations that come across as merely a hum. The door opening and closing as people late to the call head in.

So x-ray vision would be a plus. Although I can think of a lot places where I would not want x-ray vision: The airport, the line at the grocery store, the waiting room at the doctor’s office. *shudder*

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11 thoughts on “X is for X-Ray Vision

  1. It kills me how the kids can be completely fine with no issues all the time….until you get on the phone. Then, all of sudden the world is crashing down! It’s like they have phone radar or something. Mine are teenagers now, and it still happens. Soon as I’m on the phone, the fight starts.


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