Y is for Yoga

work-at-homeWorking at home delivers me a huge advantage – it allows me to go to yoga class. Not just any yoga class, but the class I actually want to attend, which at my studio takes place in the middle of the morning.

(This class is largely attended by retirees and empty nesters who have their mornings free. One of the only places I am considered a youngster, another clear advantage.)

Yoga is great training for a working parent. The poses, or asanas, help you build the flexibility and strength you need every day:

  • Standing poses – Wonderful prep for standing in the back of a gymnasium while your children participate in an endless “dance night,” or for those networking events where you must position yourself on the perimeter of a large group of chatting people for some period of time.
  • Inversions – Good for keeping your equilibrium when your day inevitably gets turned upside down.
  • Restorative poses – Practice for those times when you have a few minutes to collapse on the couch before the kids get home, so you can maintain enough awareness not to snore or drool.
  • Seated poses – Great preparation for sitting at the computer all day, and in the car or on the bleachers all evening.
  • Arm balances – Conditioning for those moments you are carrying a laptop, a purse, an empty coffee mug, three bags of groceries, and a baseball bag all at the same time.


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16 thoughts on “Y is for Yoga

        1. No, this theme is pretty consistent with the other posts I write, but I have wondered how I would follow it up if I did the challenge again. My best advice is to write ahead and get posts scheduled in advance because it gets pretty grueling after a while.


  1. ohmigawsh. This is awesome. Made me laugh, made me think about how to use Yoga differently. I am with you. When I ran out of my prescheduled posts, A to Z was less fun and became more of a “Oh, man, I need to get that post written!” instead of like a party where I got to hop around and be sociable. Good lesson to learn.

    And tomorrow… we cross the finish line!
    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z


  2. Sarah, I love your take on the asanas. 🙂 I’d like to add Deep Breaths to the list…when you have kids you don’t need to explain this one, right?
    Look forward to visiting your blog to catch up on your other A-Z posts. Cheers!


    1. Perfect! I was asking myself why I didn’t think of that when I remembered that I rarely remember to breathe (in yoga or otherwise.) Welcome, and thanks for reading.


    1. Aargh! I can see it, and I’m seeing some familiar faces again so I know some others are. I can only hope to get back on your radar at this point. Thanks for hunting me down like a true cave man.


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