Z is for Zinfandel


While this might sound suspiciously like my post about coffee, it is geared more toward the end of the work day and is another true advantage of having a home office. Where else can you have a glass of wine as you prep your to-do list for the next day? At least without anyone noticing.

I don’t have a glass of wine every day (really!) but when I do, I’m partial to bold, dry reds. If we don’t have a zinfandel, I opt for a syrah from my favorite boutique winery. Then it’s on to what I call second shift: supervising homework, preparing dinner, coordinating baths, packing lunches, and finding that one piece of laundry I didn’t wash that is needed for the next day.

Thank you for sticking with me through the entire Work-at-Home Alphabet. Despite how it may sound, I’m truly grateful for the flexibility and the independence my home office gives me.

I raise my glass to you, dear reader – it’s 5:00 somewhere.

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16 thoughts on “Z is for Zinfandel

  1. Hi Sarah! What a fun experience to blog from A to Z with all the challenges and bliss of a home office. I loved tagging along for this ride. Congrats on completing the challenge!


  2. I’m more of a Malbec girl myself, but after a long day at the office, hand me anything and I’ll drink it. We made it to the challenge finish line!


  3. Although I have (suspiciously) missed most of the alphabet – /Z/ is indeed for Zinfandel. And for those who think sickening sweet white (it must be an acquired taste me thinks), I am glad you preceeded it with “a bold dry red” – I can almost taste the figs, raisin and date notes in the post. Cheers and hope /S/ was for “Syrah” – One Distracted Winemaker


  4. Ta da! We did it! We did it! We did it!! Zinfandel is not my favorite, but I would take anything today. 🙂 Its been so fun doing a to z because I feel like I know everyone better. There were points throughout this process when we just let our hair down and I loved when I felt that connection of us all gathering around a pizza in our comfy clothes, smiling, laughing, drinking wine and feeling more than slightly satisfied.

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z


    1. What a great visual! Now we need to all actually gather in our comfy clothes with a pizza…or a virtual pizza. Congrats on making it to the finish.


  5. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I do drink wine daily…both red and white; though my favorite reds are the light dry ones like Pinot’s. I used to work at home, not many people do it well from my experience. People think it’s easy and so they give it a go; but if you’re not a well disciplined person…and many aren’t you find it doesn’t work. Lots of my co-workers during that time failed miserably at it. I liked it, but my work makes it not possible.


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