Big Z, little Z, what comes after Z?

work-at-homeWell, I did it, I blogged A to Z. Which leaves me at a loss – what do I write about now?

I’ve always written whatever came to my mind, or arose unexpectedly during my day. I could write about something as mundane as what I had for lunch, not because anyone would read it, but just for the joy of the thing.

But Blogging A to Z forced me to actually plan ahead. And schedule posts. I was like a real blogger for a while there!

Now I’ve got a writers’ block of the worst magnitude. It’s as if I hit the reset button on my brain with dire consequences. I’m stumped. I’m bereft.  There is a vast chasm into which I must pour something witty. Not feeling it.

So I did what anyone with writers’ block would do – signed up to chaperone 80 junior high band students on a bus trip to Chicago. I imagine I’ll experience traumas of all kinds, but I’m guessing writers’ block will not be among them.

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