Exercise by the yard

imageI classify our year into two seasons: Winter and yard work. The nagging knowledge that the yard is untidy sends everyone around here into a frenzy of activity as soon as we have a few nice days. It is also why I breathe a sigh of relief when we finally get that first frost.

Our lovely, wooded lot is a beastly amount of work. There is always weeding, pruning, planting, digging, or raking to do. And this last week, that’s where I focused my daily activity.

I devoted Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday to yard or outdoor work. Tuesday I went to yoga and Thursday to strength training. Snuck a little yoga in on Wednesday, too.

Today I woke up as stiff as a board so I took it pretty easy. Yard work uses muscles you pretty much forget you have the rest of the year. Still, this is probably the closest I’ve stuck to the 20×31 challenge and if the weather holds, I’m thinking I’ll be just fine in the home stretch.

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6 thoughts on “Exercise by the yard

  1. This is definitely the time for yard work at my house too. I woke up sore yesterday – my arms were killing me – then I realized it was because of all the hedge trimming I had done! No poison ivy yet – that’s the only real thing I care about!


  2. Our yard is the same way. We took out about 150 bags of leaves out of our yard. The only plus (but maybe also a negative) bc of the trees we don’t have grass. So at least there isn’t mowing to do. Thanks again for linking up!


    1. After years and years of spending every weekend cleaning up leaves, we finally hired someone to do our spring and fall clean up for us. Gave us back a ton of time, but I couldn’t tell you what I’ve done with it. Probably laundry.


  3. A happy TA DA!! Our weather here is fog and excessive heat. We have maybe two weeks of seasonable. I may be overstating, but serious monotony around here though I have heard rumor of an El Nino next Winter! Be still my heart! Great work on sticking with the #20X31!~


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