Exercise by the yard

imageI classify our year into two seasons: Winter and yard work. The nagging knowledge that the yard is untidy sends everyone around here into a frenzy of activity as soon as we have a few nice days. It is also why I breathe a sigh of relief when we finally get that first frost.

Our lovely, wooded lot is a beastly amount of work. There is always weeding, pruning, planting, digging, or raking to do. And this last week, that’s where I focused my daily activity.

I devoted Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday to yard or outdoor work. Tuesday I went to yoga and Thursday to strength training. Snuck a little yoga in on Wednesday, too.

Today I woke up as stiff as a board so I took it pretty easy. Yard work uses muscles you pretty much forget you have the rest of the year. Still, this is probably the closest I’ve stuck to the 20×31 challenge and if the weather holds, I’m thinking I’ll be just fine in the home stretch.

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6 thoughts on “Exercise by the yard

  1. This is definitely the time for yard work at my house too. I woke up sore yesterday – my arms were killing me – then I realized it was because of all the hedge trimming I had done! No poison ivy yet – that’s the only real thing I care about!


  2. Our yard is the same way. We took out about 150 bags of leaves out of our yard. The only plus (but maybe also a negative) bc of the trees we don’t have grass. So at least there isn’t mowing to do. Thanks again for linking up!


    • After years and years of spending every weekend cleaning up leaves, we finally hired someone to do our spring and fall clean up for us. Gave us back a ton of time, but I couldn’t tell you what I’ve done with it. Probably laundry.


  3. A happy TA DA!! Our weather here is fog and excessive heat. We have maybe two weeks of seasonable. I may be overstating, but serious monotony around here though I have heard rumor of an El Nino next Winter! Be still my heart! Great work on sticking with the #20X31!~


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