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I’m so grateful to CaveGirl MBA, one of my favorite bloggers, for naming me as a recipient of the Most Influential Bloggers award, especially since my blog is celebrating a birthday this week.

It’s turning three, so still in the Unruly Toddler stage, but it’s been viewed by over 8,000 people in 80+ countries. Not much by some standards, but definitely more than I anticipated when I began this endeavor.

As one of the conditions of the award, I’ve been asked to nominate the 10 most influential bloggers that I follow. Here are the bloggers who inspire me every day:

  1. Julie at Julie Unplugged for her whimsy, humor, and unfailing support for other writers.
  2. Christina at Filling My Prayer Closet who shares her incredible knowledge and her faith in a generous and humorous way.
  3. Mary at Homeschool Antics who is giving her girls an unbelievable educational experience at home, something I could never do.
  4. Charity at The Wounded Dove whose beautiful prose chronicles a marriage at work.
  5. Jen at JVKom Chronicles who uses her blog to give to others, including an incredible effort on behalf of her friend and fellow blogger, Carolina Country Girl.
  6. Sharon at MommyVerbs for making me think.
  7. Heather at Life’s a Disco Ball who writes about mental health in an unbelievably powerful and personal way.
  8. Jhanis at The Vanilla Housewife who, like another of CaveGirl MBA’s recipients, Journeys of the Fabulist, keeps me up-to-date on life abroad.
  9. Jenn at I Make Myself the Queen for making me laugh out loud with her singular style.
  10. And last, but certainly not least, Susan at Pecked To Death by Chickens, because my blog wants to be hers when it grows up.

If you accept the challenge, the guidelines are below. If you’d rather not participate, then please just accept my compliments and my thanks for a consistently good read.

Conditions For Accepting The Award

To accept this award, the awardee must do the following:

  1. Display the Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a blog post and thank the Blogger who awarded you. Please do not lump this award with any other award in a “basket”, “bouquet” or “collection”.
  3. Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded with a comment (or a pingback).
  5. Include an embedded video of your current favorite song (YouTube has virtually everything, just copy and paste the link into your WordPress editor). If a video is not possible you can embed a SoundCloud track.

The most difficult part of this whole thing for me was selecting a favorite song – much harder than choosing the 10 fabulous bloggers I want to honor.

So I chose one from my youth – a great, live performance by The English Beat about two things I try to avoid: Sugar and Stress. Namaste!

17 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogger Award

  1. Reaching 80+ countries is no small feat! Happy bloggy birthday Sarah!
    I am already following several of the blogs listed above and will be happy to check the others out. Thanks for the recommendations and for the shout out. Appreciate it much!


    1. Susan, I love your blog – it is so funny and original. (P.S. My family would never feed me grapes. They might THROW grapes at me, but only if I asked them not to.)


  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the list of other great blogs to check out as well as yours. I really enjoyed your post about a parallel universe! Hope I can live in it one day too! 🙂


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