Search terms of the sad and desperate

sosIt seems the search terms used to hit my blog are written by people so desperate for advice or supporting evidence, they’ll craft long, elaborate phrases searching for answers. The poor souls get no help from me. Until now.

Some background: A few weeks ago the blogger at Idiot-prufs published a hilarious post about the funny search terms people use to hit his site. It sent me off to look at my search terms, which it turns out are not funny at all.

Other than the only mildly amusing “will i am wears black sweater” and “can I own a cannon“, mine are populated with what I’ve taken to calling Search Terms of the Sad and Desperate.

Clearly these people have nowhere to turn if they are seeking out my blog for help and advice. So I thought I should take some action.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to respond to a few of these issues with the type of unqualified, largely useless advice one might expect from a random blog. Stay tuned for the first installment: Anxiety dreams involving my kids.

23 thoughts on “Search terms of the sad and desperate

    1. Susan, I know your post will be hilarious. I was really hoping my search terms would be funny, but they’re not – except to me, like whoever hit my blog by typing in “relaxing your standards.” Ha, ha! Yes, that sounds like me.


  1. I need to go through mine and look for the hilarious ones. I keep saying I’m going to and will write a post about it but I never do. Sheesh. I should write that down on a Post-It and glue it to my forehead. Haha.


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