The day the beach didn’t have wi-fi

IMG_0296Those few of you who are regular readers know that I spend much of my summer working at the beach while my kids try to avoid and/or drown each other.

I’m able to do this because I’m a copywriter so my work is highly portable, and because our wonderful, local beach, which is the best value on the planet, has wi-fi. So not only can I work, I don’t even have to use my own data plan.

But I’ve gotten a bit lazy, I guess, because I failed to bring my hotspot along today and, woe is me, the beach wi-fi was inoperative.

It’s at about this time in a post where I mention beach wi-fi that readers far and wide begin to mock me. Sounds pretty cushy, huh? But in my defense, without wi-fi I don’t have much to do. I’m not the mom with the San Tropez tan. I’m the one in street clothes carrying a laptop and a file folder stuffed with edited drafts, and to-do lists. So no wi-fi means I run out of work about the time my kids have their sunscreen applied.

And there are really only a few other things to do:

  1. People watch. Wow, I really hate to people watch. I don’t find total strangers that interesting until I converse with them, at which point they lose total stranger status. As for just watching them? Yawn.
  2. Nap…………………Sorry, I dozed off for a few minutes until someone shrieked and woke me up.
  3. Eavesdrop on the nanny gossip. This is some juicy stuff, folks. Better screen those caregivers wisely.
  4. Swim. Except it’s June in Minnesota and the water is a cool 72 degrees today, which may sound warm in the middle of January, but not when the air temperature is only 80 and the wind’s blowing at about 30 mph. Would you take a 72 degree bath with a fan trained on you? No, you would not.
  5. Practice your stern lifeguard impression. Say it along with me, at top volume and/or through a megaphone:


All phrases that will come in handy at a later time, especially that ladder one.

Or you can just keep checking the wi-fi connection over and over until your thumbs fall off, or it comes back on. Which it never did today. So I have learned a valuable lesson in preparedness.

(Published at 0 plus 5 minutes after returning from the beach.)

13 thoughts on “The day the beach didn’t have wi-fi

  1. I will never stoop to mocking you. Ever. I might suggest bringing an old school notebook. You might discover some cool new stuff using a paper and pen but I know, I know… it takes so long and on and on and on. I think it rocks that you can work from wherever you are – I think the people who are less than supportive are, naturally – simply jealous and uncreative. They’re the ones who hang out at the beach because there are other people to gossip with and say mean things about other people. 🙂 Like the Nannies. Might make for a good vignette for a blog post if you know what I mean?!


    1. For some reason the notebook and pencil thing did not occur to me.

      But I do know what you mean about not being able to write properly without the usual tools. I think I remember once stubbornly writing out my school assignments out on paper then typing them up, using a similar argument. Obviously I’ve come a long way since then.


  2. PS – that first sentence sounded so much better in my head than it did in writing. I think I was overly excited to use the word “stoop” – but there is truth there. I won’t ever mock you. Now carry on! Write! Enjoy! Praying your Summer has settled into some semblance of routine!


  3. You just sooo made me jealous with the weather!! We are at 105-120 degrees, dry heat here in AZ!! I would LOVE 80 degrees and wind! Even without wi-fi, which would KILL ME, it sounds like you were in HEAVEN!


    1. It’s pretty nice unless you’re swimming, although a side effect of living in a cold climate is you’re sweltering when it hits 85 degrees!


  4. People watching! I agree, I don’t like to just watch people. But, when you start making up stories about their lives, who they are, where they’re going, what the latest bit of adventure they’re taking on, then things get interesting. Sure, you can say I have a wild imagination, I do, but this is something my husband and I have been doing for years to pass the time when we’re just chilling out. We started it years ago in the young, we have no money years so we have to get creative with dating, lol.


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